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For over 25 years, Quite Cute Salon has been a trusted name in the South Florida hair salon industry. We specialize in wigs, weaves, natural hair care, nails, makeup, and beauty products and accessories. Our team of experienced stylists is dedicated to providing top-notch service and creating personalized looks that bring out the best in each client. At Quite Cute Salon, we believe that everyone deserves to feel confident and beautiful, and we are committed to making that a reality for each and every one of our clients.

Founded by the esteemed beauty industry ambassador, Toy, Quite Cute Salon has fostered a loyal and close-knit community of clients who have evolved into cherished friends. Their unwavering trust and support serve as our constant motivation to continuously elevate our service standards and deliver the utmost quality.


Quite Cute Salon CEO

Toy is a licensed, experienced, and dexterous hair and weave stylist who has been in the beauty industry for decades. She is the proud owner of Quite Cute Glam…. located in Plantation, Florida. Where she is an active hairstylist. Toy also educates and mentors other licensed stylists and cosmetology students all over the world through online courses…She prides herself in teaching fast and innovative techniques to stylists looking to learn. Many have utilized her services.


Toy has had the pleasure and opportunity to build confidence in other stylists and increase productivity while perfecting their craft. Through her tenure as an instructor and seasoned stylist, she has learned the importance of paying it forward and refuses to keep any hair secrets. At your scheduled time QUITECUTEGLAM looks forward to providing the best experience in online training 

Our Mission

Our journey as hairstylists at Quite Cute Salon has been nothing short of remarkable, allowing us to extend our offerings beyond traditional salon services. We proudly present a diverse array of lace wigs, closures, bundles, and our exclusive Quite Cute Glam on Lace products, available both online and in our showroom. Grateful for the opportunities that have taken us across the globe in search of the finest HD lace and products to showcase our expertise, we are committed to excellence.

As we move forward, our dedication remains unwavering. We eagerly anticipate the privilege of serving our valued clients and assisting them in uncovering their unique beauty. Whether it's a transformative hairstyle, premium bundles, lace frontals, lace wigs, lace products, or comprehensive cosmetology training—whether in-person or online—our team is here to provide exceptional service and share our enduring passion for the world of beauty.

Quite Cute Salon Hair
Quite Cute Salon Hair
Quite Cute Salon Hair
Quite Cute Salon Hair

"At Quite Cute Salon, we believe that beauty is more than skin deep. We are passionate about empowering our clients to embrace their unique beauty and define their own futures."

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